Bangalore Test House had a long and difficult journey which started way back in 1987 and this journey shall continue forever God willing as there is no limit for achieving excellence. The journey started in a small way with minimal man power and infrastructure and saw many ups and downs, overcoming them all, it has now taken a stature of an organization of national fame with recognitions galore. BTH started with animal feed and feed ingredients and today expanded its testing services in the field of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Water & Effluents, Food, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Air Pollution Studies, Building Materials, Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani and Herbal Medicines, Residue analysis- metals, pesticide, antibiotics, etc.,

When we say about this, we do remember the contributions of all our well wishers by way of advices & help-both physical and financial form. We would like to thank all our dedicated employees both past and present and also express our gratitude to all the institutions/organizations / Departments of Central & State Govt., public and private enterprises for their patronage & appreciation. The role played by thousands of clients, who have reposed their full faith in our capability and valued our prompt and efficient service and technical competence gives us a sense of satisfaction and encouragement.